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"EgyCross Assistance   provides immediate help in any travel emergency as unexpected as it may be.

You can rely upon our vast experience providing travelers assistance and providing immediate response

even in the most complex and difficult situations".


About Us


EgyCross Assistance was founded in 2004, in Egypt,to provide on-the-spot solutions to emergencies abroad with no stress and at no cost for you.... Read More...




EgyCross covers all the territory of Egypt and some countries in Middle East, Check our network to know more about our covergae....Read More...




EgyCross Assistance is Assistance company, the services which EgyCross can provide are Integral Travelers Assistance, which is absolutely different from the travel insurance system.... Read More...


Cost Cntainment

In all our activities it is our objective to control costs for either the clients or insurers. Cost Containment has become an integral part of insurance work culture.... Read More...